Imagine 2011 30x23 in. Gouache & Oil on Paper

Artist's Statement

References vary.  The antiquities, far off places, layers of memory.

Masks.  Transference into another reality, time or persona.

Mortality.  Consideration of a spirit realm, or afterlife.  The fragility of life, it’s preciousness, it’s vitality. 

Watching the land, it’s wildlife and seasonal change.  Seduced by it all, I watch endlessly, and see the expression of transience. 

More interested in instinct than idea I seek an  intelligence that is lyrical.

There are references I can point to, stories I can tell but how it is all stitched together is not for me to say.  The making of the work  goes deeper than reason allows. 

I don’t want to think about it too much.

Joanne Hammer